assembly times & information

Sunday 9:30 am

We offer multiple children's and adult classes during this time.  We also offer a teen class and a college-age class that meet for breakfast and Bible study.  These are our current Sunday adult classes:

Class 1:  The Sermon on the Mount - Derrick Savage/Zach Robinson/Andrew Wall - AP Room (geared toward young adults 21-35) 
Class 2:  Bible Study Guide (BSG) for All Ages Class - Todd Palmer - Agape Room 
Class 3:  1 & 2 Thessalonians - Shane Meredith/Roger King - Auditorium  (live-streamed)

Sunday 10:30 AM

This time of worship is in the auditorium on the upper level.  Each week our worship consists of a cappella singing, prayer, scripture reading, a kids' lesson, communion, and a scripturally-based lesson.  This assembly is also streamed live on our mobile app, website, and tv app.

Wednesday  evening

6:00 PM - Food & Fellowship*
6:30 PM - Singing
6:45 PM - Bible Classes
7:30 PM - Dismiss

We offer multiple children's and adult classes, as well as a teen class and a college-age class.  Our current, combined adult class for the summer is
Class 1:  Filled with the Word, Filled with Song - Various Teachers - Auditorium (with breakout groups in various locations)  (live-streamed)

*meal available for purchase during the fall & spring semesters; $5/person, $25 cap/family
613 East Lee Blvd Starkville MS 39759