FRequently asked questions

If I'm having a hard time, who can I reach out to for help?

If you or another student you know is going through a rough patch, contact one of the UCSC interns. They are available for counseling, giving random advice, or whatever needs you have. If they can't help, they'll know someone who will. 

Are there opportunities to lead in the UCsc?

Yes! There are countless leadership opportunities in the UCSC, such as leading Bible studies, helping lead the congregation's assembly, helping with organizing events, and many more. There are opportunities for everyone; just let an intern know if you want to help lead!

Is the ucsc personally connected to the rest of the congregation?

Yes! While it is not required for UCSC students to connect with others in the congregation, it is highly encouraged. The are many opportunities for this, such as our Journey Together small groups, fellowship meals, and many others. If you need help connecting, let an intern know!

What is GroupMe? 

GroupMe is a group messaging app. The UCSC has a chat with nearly 200 students, where announcements, prayer requests, praises, the occasional meme, and bunches of other stuff is posted. Message an intern if you'd like to be added!

What are prayer groups?

For prayer groups, we split up into small groups of guys and girls, about 3-6 people per group, and pray with each other. It is a great time to share burdens and go before the Lord together as a family. These typically take place every Monday at 5:30 pm.

What is Forged?

Forged is a Bible Study led by students, with topics that vary on how to live with integrity in all aspects of life. Topics can range from watching what we consume on media, to modern day wars, just to name a few. These are studies held only for men. 

What is Women of the word?

Women of the Word is a Bible study led by students, and topics vary. These studies are held only for women. 

What is blitz week? 

Blitz week is the first week of the semester, where we have fun events every night of the week. The events range from the infamous Flour Bomb War, to cookouts, slip 'n slides, and game nights. Overall, just a great time to get to know new people and have fun!

What are retreats? 

Each semester, we have a UCSC retreat. Sometimes this includes resident members from the Starkville congregation, and sometimes we invite other student centers from other colleges/universities to attend with us. These are weekend retreats to campgrounds such as Sardis Lake Christian Camp or Gulf Coast Bible Camp, where we focus on fellowship, reflection, and growing closer to God. We also typically have a guy's/girls' retreat each Spring semester. 

What is family weekend? 

Family weekend is a weekend, usually during the spring semester, during which we invite the families of all students to come and enjoy the UCSC with us. We have a few lessons, play games (sometimes we can persuade the parents to play a game of volleyball against the students!), and just have a good time. 

What is the panama mission trip? 

The UCSC tries to visit the congregations in El Valle, Panama, and in the Emberá Purú Village, Panama, during Spring Break in March each year. This trip is mostly students, but sometimes contains other members of the congregation as well. Information for this comes sometime during the fall semester, usually in October. 

What is the Banquet? 

At the end of each school year, the UCSC hosts a big banquet, where everyone dresses in formal wear and eats a nice meal together. These are to honor the graduates as a final hoorah with the UCSC. The banquet is usually the last Saturday of the semester.