Facilities Request form for Weddings

The elders of the Starkville congregation strongly encourage engaged couples to participate in a series of pre-marriage counseling sessions with a qualified counselor.

*The UCSC is only available in very rare circumstances. It cannot be reserved through this form. Check with a minister for more information.

Statement on marriage and sex

“We believe the New Testament gives clear and unequivocal teaching regarding sexual relationships of human beings. Almighty God instituted marriage between the first man and woman; he is the creator and governor of marriage. Jesus reaffirmed God's institution of marriage and gave very clear teaching about its sanctity and restrictions. We believe the New Testament teaches that marriage is the uniting by God of one man and one woman (as each are determined biologically at birth) in a lifetime covenant. Additionally, the Bible universally condemns all sexual immorality, including but not limited to homosexual behavior, adultery, and fornication.”
— Elders of the Starkville church of Christ