Prayer is powerful

Current Prayer Requests

Update as of 11/23:  A special prayer request for Matt Fitzgerald, former administrator for Honduras Hope, who has Covid and is in ICU.    Day 17 in ICU.    They are in the
process of transferring him from the COVID ICU to the regular ICU.  This would allow Nicole to be able to visit.  He must be consistently at 50% O2 before they will give him a tracheotomy and remove him from the ventilator.    At this point they can wake him up.  Because Matt is young and all his organs are functioning properly they are hoping the trach will be temporary.  Please continue to pray for him to make forward progress.

Update as of 11/19:  Steve Phillips had back surgery on Wednesday, November 11, to repair two herniated disc.  
Steve continues to heal and his pain has decreased significantly.  Please pray for his continued healing /recovery process.

Update as of 11/22:  Frank Whisler was not able to move to Dugan's in West Point because he did not pass his swallow test and paired with electrolyte issues they decided to keep him at the very least until Monday.    He has been moved to a regular room and his condition will be evaluated again on Monday for the next plans for him.
Continued prayers are appreciated for he and Ethel.

Helen Tsiga has recently passed away.  Please be in prayer for Tsiga family as they mourn the death of their wife, mother, sister, and friend.

Richard Hilton has requested prayers for his brother, Denny Hilton, who has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease.  He writes:  The doctors have not discussed at what stage the disease is.  Please ask the church to pray for Denny, Karen, his spouse, and Holly and Heather, his daughters, during this time of uncertainty.