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What Do We Offer?


We have a variety of programs and ministries for people of all ages. Below you will see just an overview. Explore our complete list of programs in our ministries section.


CHILDREN (KIC'S, Kids in Christ's Service)

We can all remember our childhoods. It is a time to enjoy life and smile often. At East Lee Blvd. we love and care about kids-in fact, we have some 80 children we serve. Each Sunday and Wednesday at our Bible classes (for infants and up) and during the assembly, we focus on providing a safe, friendly, learning environment for the children. We also provide many other activities and programs for children throughout the year.



Our youth program is designed for students between grades 7 and 12. We minister to over 30 youth each week. This is one of our most active ministries with weekly, monthly, seasonal, and yearly activities. It is a place for students to have fun, meet friends, and learn more about God and His plan for their lives.


CAMPUS MINISTRY (University Christian Student Center)

Our College-age group is an awesome community of people who get together often. In addition to Bible classes on Wednesdays and Sundays, they also meet Sunday evenings for Life Groups. At other times they host a variety of group events which include sports, movie nights, retreats, and seminars. It's always a blast! Check out our COLLEGE link for a complete view of what we offer our MSU students.



Our, a little older than college-age group is an ever-increasing group here at East Lee Blvd. We have many young professionals, grad students, and young couples without children. At the same time we have numerous young families with children who are involved in our KIC's group. These groups enjoy Bible classes together, Life Groups, and other recreational activities. This is an ever-growing group at Starkville that enjoys rich fellowship.  


Life Groups are at the very heart of our church and are an avenue in which we can get to know each other and, most importantly, Jesus in a closer way. These groups of 15-20 people each provide a safe place to learn, share, ask questions, receive prayer, and care for each other. Every group spends time discussing the Sunday morning sermon and how it applies to our daily lives. Most groups also share a meal together. Life groups meet on the first three Sunday's of each month. On the fourth Sunday, we all meet at the building at 5:00 PM for assembly.



At different times we feature weekend workshops on various topics. These are opportunities for people to attend classes on topics that will help strengthen them or their families. Topics range from areas related to marriage, family, and finance, to overcoming the trials of life. There's something for everyone!

 The Starkville Tour Includes:


                                          1. Who Are We?

                                          2. Who are the leaders?

                                          3. What do we believe?

                                          4. What is the style of the church?

                                          5. What do we offer?

                                          6. Where and when do we meet?

                                          7. Hidden Agenda?