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Upcoming Youth Events

 Click on (HOST NEEDED) anywhere on this page to make sure that the event does not yet have a host, and to sign up to host the event.    



November 3-5 - Discover Youth Rally (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)

Thursday, November 9 - Union Devo - Teen/UCSC Supper @ Union 6 pm - Devo on campus at 7pm

Sunday, November 12 - KICS Devo @ Wesley's 5-7pm (Thompson Life Group) 

Friday, November 17 - 5th Quarter @ Intramural Field on corner of Stone Blvd and Blackjack 10pm-12am




TBD - KICS Christmas Party

TBD - Teen Christmas Party (HOST NEEDED)



January 12-14 - Evangelism University - Signup by December 6 in Teen Room. $40 (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO)

Sunday, January 14 - KICS Devo (Wesley will be out of town) (HOST NEEDED)

Sunday, January 28 - Teen Devo (HOST NEEDED)





Sunday, February 11 - KICS Devo (HOST NEEDED)

Sunday, February 25 - Teen Devo (HOST NEEDED)



March 2-4 - SLCC Teen/UCSC Retreat

March 11 - KICS Devo (HOST NEEDED)

March 25 - Teen Devo (HOST NEEDED)