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   Life Groups are smaller groups that meet in our member's homes on Sunday evening and are an integral part of our congregation.  These gatherings foster the development of stronger relationships with Christian brothers and sisters as well as with God through a time of Bible study, group discussion, prayer, encouragement, support and fellowship. The lessons are based on Sunday morning's sermon which leads to a rich discussion and an opportunity to apply God's word to our own lives.  This past year, the lessons correspond with our weekly Bible readings and have led to some of our most fruitful and spiritually uplifting meetings to date. 

   If you are not already plugged into a Life Group, it is a great time to get started!  There are currently 12 life groups, each with their own unique makeup.  If you would like to get involved by either joining a Life Group or starting one yourself, please let Eli Hilton know and he would be happy to help get you started!