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Building and Grounds


The Building and Grounds ministry’s goal is to maintain our building and grounds in a condition that facilitates the spiritual and fellowship goals of our congregation.


The following are activities that are performed by the Building and Grounds ministry:  

  •     Identifying preventative and corrective needs by performing a “walk          thru”. 
  •     Replacing light bulbs and ballasts. 
  •     Replacing Air Conditioning filters. 
  •     Adding chemicals to baptistery weekly and cleaning baptistery                    occasionally. 
  •     Trimming trees and bushes and spraying weeds and grass in and                  around the parking lot. 
  •     Picking up trash and removing leaves on our grounds. 
  •     Contacting AC, electrical, plumbing, and roofing contractors when           needed. 

Major grounds maintenance duties are performed by a contractor while ministry members perform minor jobs.  To learn more about jobs performed by this ministry please contact Glynn Cox.