Journey Together provides discussion guides for small groups to use without a designated leader preparing beforehand.    Anyone can click on either the mobile or printable guide  and have a spiritual discussion in groups of 2 or more.  In fact, each person in the group can pull up the guide at the same time and follow along as you journey together through discussion of God's Word.  If you have a current small group, we pray this resource blesses your time together.  If you are not in a group currently, Journey Together makes it easier than ever before to begin a new group.  


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Spring 2020 Schedule


At the Beginning of the Spring and Fall semesters, we have an opportunity to Launch and join a newly formed small group.


At various times throughout the year, we have Link events where groups mix and generations learn from one another.  Small groups do not meet on this night.  Instead, everyone is invited to the fellowship hall, where we will have a short presentation and provide opportunity for discussion with others of various ages.  We hope these Link events help to build relationships across our entire body.