Who are we?

The Starkville church of Christ is a non-denominational church located in Starkville, Mississippi.   Starkville is a growing community of over 24,000 in northeast Mississippi.  It is home to Mississippi State University, a comprehensive institution with over 21,000 students.  Thus, the community offers a vibrant atmosphere typically associated with a college town.  The church property is located at 613 East Lee Blvd.  (just south of the MS Highway Patrol), immediately adjacent to MSU.  The church has an active University Christian Student Center with a full-time campus minister and over 180 students worshiping with the congregation during the school year.  The congregation also has a strong youth ministry with a full-time minister for this effort.

The church in Starkville has experienced sustained growth, and currently has more than 340 baptized believers and over 400 worshiping on a typical Sunday morning when MSU is in session.  It has a stable eldership and a strong sense of unity and love, both for Christian brothers and sisters and for lost souls.  We are a Christ-centered and Bible-based body.  We have people who have come out of many different religious and non-religious backgrounds who simply desire to follow after Jesus and enjoy His fellowship with one another.  We have responded to the grace of God, believed in Jesus as the Son of God, repented of our sins, and been baptized into Christ.

Starkville church of Christ is a place where people can feel comfortable.  It doesn't matter if you've attended church at all.  We do our best to make people feel welcome, and our assemblies and Bible classes reflect that.  We are here to assist you spiritually and will be thrilled to share God's Word with you.  If you desire to mix in one of our Bible classes, join on of our Small Groups, or have a one-on-one Bible study, just let us know, and we will do all we can to respond to your needs.

Friendly people, lively worship, and challenging messages combine with a warm atmosphere to make Starkville church of Christ a place people enjoy coming to.  Here at East Lee Blvd.,  we're all about relationships, with God and people.  Through our relationships with each other, we're able to support and care for people.  Through our relationship with God, we're able to enjoy true life.  Life as God intended!