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We would love to share God's Word with you!
Welcome to God's family in Starkville. We thank our almighty God that you have come our way. It is our great desire and prayer that you will soon feel right at home among us. We look forward to getting to know you, and in turn, your getting to know us. May the relationships we share with one another grow strong and run deep.


As ministers charged with special responsibilities, we want to do our part to help you to grow with us in commitment and greater service to the Lord. Consequently, we urge you to become involved in whatever area of the Lord's work best uses your individual talents. We believe that the greater our individual involvement in the church, the greater our blessing and satisfaction will be. We have a number of active and varied ministries, so we feel sure that each one who truly wishes to become involved will find ample opportunities to do so.


Again, welcome to the Starkville church. Let us know how we may better serve you as we serve the Lord together.


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Andy Miller is our Preaching Minister/Evangelist

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Perry Jinkerson is our Campus Minister

University Christian Student Center


Wesley Thompson is our Youth Minister