David Shaw

I was born in Mississippi, but grew up in rural Oklahoma on  peanut, cattle, and watermelon farm.  Sherri and I married when we were 19, and have joked about "raising each other".  We farmed full time with my dad and grandad while I finished my undergraduate degree.  After grad school in 1985, I immediately moved to Mississippi State, and have been here for my entire professional career.  MSU has been very good to me, but this congregation is one of the main reasons we have made Starkville our permanent home.  Both Stacy and Russell were born here, and Stacy was married to her husband, David Maharrey, right here in our building.  I have served in several capacities, including being a deacon with education and involvement.  I became an elder in 2003.  

My favorite verse (at the moment) is Galatians 2:8-10.  "We were created to do good works in Him because of the salvation we have so freely been given!"